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Hungry Hobby was designed by Registered Dietitian, Kelli Shallal. Kelli completed her Master's of Public Health at Loma Linda University in June of 2013 and began the blog shortly after. Hungry Hobby is a daily food and fitness blog where Kelli shares easy and simple tips on weight loss, healthy recipes, fitness, running, and more. She follows the 80/20 rule, choosing health and fitness 80% of the time and enjoying life's finer indulgences 20% of the time.

7 Minute Plank Workout

Sugar Free Meal Plan Part 2

Sugar Free Meal Plan Part 2

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)  I’m just popping in to share with you part 2 of the Sugar Free September meal plan. (You can find Sugar Free September Meal Plan …


This week I reminded myself I have three goals:

1) Reduce my overall sugar intake

2) Decrease my reliance on desert

3)  “Reset” my taste buds so that I am more satisfied by less sweets

However, healthy changes should NOT be stressful.  So, I’m not stressing out about eating things with a tiny bit of added sugar in them.  I am still avoiding added sugar for the most part, but not freaking out if…

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Almond butter makes me happy :) TGIF

Food & Fitness Friday

How to Keep (or Start Being) Motivated to Exercise {Guest Post}

Hi Friends!  I didn’t have a post planned for today, I was originally planning a day of blog silence.  However, yesterday my guest post on How to Keep (or Start Being) Motivated to Exercisewent up on Be Truly Nourished, check it out if you are interested!  I cover how through injury my appreciation for my bodies ability to exercise greatly deepened and my focus totally changed.  I also gave tips…

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Single Serving High Protein Pumpkin Pancake {Gluten Free}

Pumpkin Coffee Smoothie and New Treadmill Workouts one of these workouts then slurp up this delicious Fall flavored smoothie!

Pumpkin Coffee Smoothie and New Treadmill Workouts

Hi Friends, Happy Monday!  I hate to say it but this one is going to be a long one for me, the longest of the month.  Last week was a four day week for Labor …

Happy Sunday, on todays post I put together a clean eating one week sugar free meal plan for Sugar Free September, complete with vegetarian and vegan modifications. Sugar Free Meal Plan {Sugar Free September Week 2}

Sugar Free Meal Plan {Sugar Free September Week 2}

Hello Friends!  I did something a bit different for this week and I hope you guys like it!  I know many of you are interested in Sugar Free September (don’t worry if you haven’t started, …

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